Food is tangled with life

Premise: food is always related to what is happening in the rest of our life because the source of our energy is so central to where that energy flows.

Discipline in our life will lead to having discipline in our food.

Fear, stress or anxiety will lead to weight gain or loss.

We associate having or not having food with all the other things in life: whether we are worthy, whether we can have what we want, scarcity and abundance. Sometimes we are starving for some fun or happiness and try to fill the void with food.

If we eat well we have a lot of energy and can run joyfully after our goals and aspirations. If we eat badly we always feel tired and struggle just to maintain our current stuckness and homoeostasis. Eating toxic, non-nutritive food disturbs our sleep and fogs our mind. We lose our emotional sensitivity and as a result, we allow our lives to fill with noxious relationships.

If ate better we would be unable to ignore our emotions when they tell us that “this is not right”. On some level, we know this so we avoid detoxing altogether.

Inflow and outflow of energy are intimately connected. Food is a drug, and different foods have wildly differing effects on our digestion and overall life flavour. Chemically and biologically different foods change us to an enormous extent. The bacteria found on fruit, potatoes and steak are not the same yet some people insist on calling food, food. Without taking into account what type it is.

If eating badly is self-sabotage then it is a lot more common then  suddenly there is a whole new perspective on life. Then the obesity epidemic (along with a more silent depression epidemic) is not really about food, but about the other things in life. About the type of society that they are in.  If bad eating habits are a form of self-sabotage then there is a massive and growing proportion of the population that is resisting life.

Eating with people is a big thing. When people eat together they synchronize, even more than just speaking to each other. We consume roughly the amount of food that the other person consumes. Almost every social occasion has snacks. They give people something to do with their hands, prevent people from ravenous hunger and most importantly help people bond.

In primitive times, people sharing their food with you could be the difference between thriving, thriving or starving. It was a big deal.

We influence each other a lot with our food choices. Somebody that you do not even know may become obese and it will affect your weight if they are a friend of your friend.