Life as dance

I am excited!

I found a new way to talk about life. It’s a lot less obscure than a Brownian motion. It allows way better expression of nuances. It’s embodied. It’s dance.

Life is a dance. A dance doesn’t aim to get somewhere but is about movement. You can dance fast or slow. You can dance wildly or precisely. You can dance on the spot or sweep a whole dance floor.

You can dance alone or with a partner. In a cliche, group or mob. You can set the pace or sway with the crowd. You can mix and match styles or be a purist.

You can dance with your whole body or have a segment dominate.

Your dance filled with rapid transitions or a slow evolution into a different form.

There is no dance without people. Without moves there is just a jumble of discord. – Without action there is no life without rest life is empty

Without connection there is no warmth. Without solitude there is no silence.

You can dance by creating your own moves, by imitating others or anywhere on the spectrum between them.

You can dance to your own drum,  merge was with the flow, rush to catch up or set the pace.

If you dance in harmony it flows wonderfully. If you are out of tune you need to use great effort to little effect.

To happiness, and beyond!