You are a video game character

Have you ever entered the time into the microwave and pressed start only to have it ding a few seconds later? Where did all the time go? Your player skipped it. Why would your controlling player hang around waiting for a microwave to finish? He(or she) wants to taste the food!

This also explains dreams. Your player is using the console to play other games as well so some residual data remains. Most of the data is deleted soon after your player switches to this game.

This game is very immersive. You don’t see the icons, mini-maps and level- ups. Only your player does.

Deja vu is when your player has failed a level and needs to do it again, also leaving residual data.

Memories are inaccurate because updates can break the replays of older versions stored in the log.

Your conscious mind is very often not present because your player only pays full attention to the game in the exciting moments. After all, they have their own life to take care of… Meditation is when your player practices their mind-game-connection skill. More skill means a smoother game experience!

Enjoy being played!

– Joshua