Finding the wrong routes.

I played a logic puzzle games called Grow Tower. It is not a very complicated game. You have to place blocks in different sequences, trying to grow your tower as high as you can. The blocks interact with each other and can set off cascades. You could solve it by just brute force trying all the different combinations, but it’s faster to see the patterns and construct a solution.

After finding most of the correct moves it still took a surprising amount of failed attempts to finally crack the pattern and beat it. It was very satisfying to do so. The animations were unique and I enjoyed watching them.

There are more such puzzles. A specific one that is a lot more complicated and has a completely different setup that one I have not cracked. I suspected for a while that I would not crack it by trying to keep it all in my head. Yet I still delayed in starting to write down the wrong solutions. This puzzle will take me at least a few hours, maybe more.

I have started to write down the wrong solutions so that I make sure not to retrace them. If I want to solve the puzzle I have to keep going.

We(I have) done the same in life. Not taking the effortful road even though we can see that the easy one is not going to work. Persisting with ineffective solutions. I don’t know whether it is just the sunk cost fallacy or whether people are just unwilling to accept that it will take a lot more work than they would have liked. A lot more than they thought initially. Huh. I’m just talking to myself again.

Persistence. To keep trying is something that could lead to more success in solving puzzles and in life generally. I wonder why I seem to quit near the end. When the going gets hard. Maybe school taught me that it is always easy. Yet I know some things cannot be bought. Discipline. Self-control. Self-confidence. Enthusiasm.

I think. Probably too much. But I think that we could all probably do with a measure of reflection. We could all stop doing the thing we know is not going to work. We don’t need to be afraid of trying and failing. The great journeys have many dead ends. Roads that end up at being only to a place with a great view are also worth walking. Life is a Brownian motion.  The game of life is truly worth playing.

To happiness, and beyond!



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