Living as a new re-incarnation

While I walk to the University of Witwatersrand for gymnastics practise I listen to podcasts. They include The Primal Happiness, The Charge, The One you Feed. In a recent episode of primal happiness, Chris Morris said something that blew my mind. Paraphrasing it: When you were 8 years old you had a different body, your appearance and dress was different, you spoke differently, thought differently and socialised with different people. So when did that person become you? Would you agree that to all intents and purposes you re-incarnated?

This blew my mind. That reincarnation is not after death and then being reborn, but as a continuous process that happens as we grow and change. This lens can explain so much, and is to me more powerful than the standard interpretation of reincarnation. Where you draw the line between the previous you and the current you, your previous life and your current life I do not know. It could be a year, a few months, a day, differing scales depending on the amount of change or an infinitesimally small amount a la calculus.

So in each moment we act, decide and change by being reborn into a new life. And we hold the reins of change. We can decide where we are going.

This lens totally demystifies past-life regression or experiences. We just call them memories. different body parts change at different speeds. We reincarnate a stomach lining within a few weeks, 10 % of our fat cells each month, and our nerve tissue changes the slowest. So your nervous system which underpins all that you are changes the slowest and the way you eat starts changing you within days.

Each story is the story of a reincarnation. A rebirth from experience. Every time that we as individuals go through a major life event that changes us, we are reborn as a new person. So as what person will you reincarnate if you keep doing what you are doing now?

To happiness, and beyond!




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