Nobody Wants to Read your Sh*t by Steven Pressfield


One sentence: Write your message like a golden story.

Everybody is busy and focused on their own lives. Convey your message as a story that speaks to the universal stories within us and uses techniques from the ad, screenwriting and movie business.

Everything is a concept. Find the core idea of whatever you are trying to say and strip away all else. There is always one central idea that reframes the whole situation. If you find it you can use it  over and over in spin-off after the spin-off.

Everything has themes. Connect your message universal themes that everybody loves. Eliminate everything that does not fit with your themes and repeat them constantly.

Heroes and villains. Find the “good guy” and the “bad guy”. Epic clash, inner transformation for the good guy, good guy triumphs. Suffering pulls at every heart. The deeper the pit of pain the more satisfying the victory.

Three parts. Beginning. Middle. End. Setup, Inciting Incident, Climax, Dissolution. The hero leaves the normal world, tries to get back and finally ends in another, new normal world.

The All is Lost Moment. When the possibility of success seems impossible. The lowest low. The dark before the dawn. And then the miracle happens and the hero triumphs.

Write for a star. We all want to feel important and the star of our life. Make the story interesting. Require deep emotion from the actor. Let them be eager to add your story to their career. Let people want to say that they have helped you. Be something others wish to be associated with. Have a noble cause.

Having read this I see so many stories in a new light. Also the story of my life. I struggle to decide whether I am now on an adventure or resisting the call to one. One moment I feel that my true purpose is out there, not sitting here and drilling pointless maths. The next I accept that drilling is necessary for success and something that has to be done.  Whether the villain is school and conformist culture or my own laziness and desire to fail.

This book is great. I recommend it to everybody who has ever watched a movie, completed a project despite resistance or told a story. Everyone. Because Nobody Wants To Read Your SH*T

To happiness, and beyond!


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