Start with what you know works

I am a big fan of experimenting. I think that it is the only way to reach the highest levels in all we do. However, before you experiment, start with what you know works.

With most things there are simple solutions that we know will work.  With finances, it is spending less than you save. With health, it is sleep, healthy food and exercise. With relationships, it is listening and being there for the other person. With building muscle, it is lifting heavy weights. Life is showing up.

For everything imagineable, there are a few simple solutions that will get you where you want to go. There might be faster solutions, cheaper solutions or more effective solutions but you don’t know which solutions work and which are useless. If you already have the basics then not only can you experiment in those areas, I think you should. Once you have the basics.

There might be 100 different methods and thousands of techniques, but most people know  at least one. And if you do not know even one technique, action or step to take, then my friend, there is Google…

If most things have such simple solutions and we know the solutions, why don’t we do them?

The reasons are many and diverse. But usually they boil down to the essentials of negative feelings in life: Fear of the unknown, looking for a quick fix, bad environment.

Fear of the unknown:

This one is easy to fix. The answer is: IT’S NOT EASY

Ultimately we have no guarantees in life and that is something that will never  change. How you deal with this is up to you, but there are no easy answers. If you don’t find an answer that works for you then you will never really be alive. Some people use religion to bridge this gap, others use courage or hope or they hide in relationships. It doesn’t really matter if what you believe is true as long as it is useful. Does it allow you to wake up happy and live fully? Yes? Then it’s a pretty good answer.

Looking for a quick fix:

This will never disappear, for the simple reasons of genetics and statistics. Our ancestors were gamblers. Those (the minority) who won, had offspring. Those who lost, lost. It is occasionally true that you can get something for nothing, get a quick fix that works or discover a powerful secret first. Sometimes you can beat the odds – but the odds are against it. For a more in-depth explanation read the book Tempo.
The only way to consistently and sustainably get results is if you put in the work. Don’t be sadistic and take a longer route than necessary. Experiment with different angles to sift your truth from the useless bulk of common wisdom. But start by putting in the work.

Bad environment:

We are highly influenceable and some environments set us up to fail. Ultimately it is your responsibility to choose your environment and change it if it does not support you. This includes your physical, social and mental environments.My post on your environment.

Known strategies:

This is what culture is: a collection of what works. Culture and training allow us to skip the dead ends explored by previous generations and go further than those before us. But environments change and what was once impossible becomes possible. That is why culture is always changing and sometimes collapses. Trust that our ancestors knew something of value, verify for yourself that it is still a correct and optimal choice. By experimenting and taking advantage of new opportunities you can significantly improve your own and other’s life.

To happiness, and beyond!


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