a perspective​ on money

Making money is just helping people in a bigger way.

I have decided to view money in a way that vastly simplifies it. As a reward for helping people. Interpreting this I realise that it does not have to be hard to make more than I would ever have a need for. I can also enjoy the process immensely as I have so many options available.

I know how to help people. In many small ways, I have done it in my life. I have washed dishes, made food, given hugs, explained my understanding of a concept to a classmate, written books reviews, given prep talks, organized hikes, drawn pictures, told stories, swept floors, shared trivia, told jokes, laughed at other people’s jokes, whistled a tune, navigated to a destination, played soccer, hide and seek, touchers, chess, charades, Monopoly, Go and many other games both physical and mental. I have recently passed my learner’s licence so I am authorised to drive a car(with another driver next to me).

I am sure that I could think of many more ways that I have helped people – by making them feel good. And most of these activities made me feel good as well. I mostly had no struggle in gaining the skills needed to perform these tasks. Most of them I learned by following instructions or trying and then learning from my mistakes.

In doing these things I never assumed that I would do only it for all eternity. Or that because I had done that I could not do anything else. If I wanted to do something else I just did it. At no point in time did the current activity bind forever. Yet how many people never change their careers even if they hate it? For complex skills, I went through periods of learning before I had sufficient mastery to help in those ways.

Just because you have a certain career does not mean that is the full extent of the helping you can do. It is merely a commitment to help in a certain capacity for a defined part of your day. You are always free to start helping people in different ways and change  where you allocate most of your time.

I have the belief that all things in life are ultimately figure-out-able. I will be able to figure it out. In my lifetime humanity went from floppy discs to smartphones and soon driverless cars. Forget the future! We are already living in science fiction. All because people figured it out.

It is possible to view money with a mindset of competition and scarcity, but this is less true every day. Murder is at an all-time low and there is less war than any other time in written history. Many formerly impoverished countries are quickly catching up and growing large middle classes. Green technology is advancing by leaps and bounds so soon we will not even need to pollute animals’ habitats to live awesome lives.

I will figure out complex skills that allow me to massively improve many people’s lives. For the moment all my basic needs and then some are taken care of so I can just focus on learning enjoyable skills. Life really is a lot of fun.

To happiness, and beyond!


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