Stunning success by Robin Sharma

Rating: 3/5

One sentence: Just a lot of scattered success principles without any unique insights or great cohesiveness.

I stumbled upon this short book as a free pdf from Robin Sharma. I had previously thought that he was a dynamic person who understood what life is about.

Don’t get me wrong, this book contains some powerful principles for success. It is just that I did not personally learn anything new. I already knew that we become what we do. I already knew that small 1% changes can lead to major improvement. I already knew that to be great you need to focus and cut out the non-essential.

This book did not answer some of the big questions that lie at the great paradoxes of life such as: How do you know what your passion is? How do you know if you are being lazy or need to take some time to recharge? How do you overdeliver without burning out? I am grateful that he spent his energy on writing a book and now gives it away free of charge, but I would not pay to have read it. You get what you pay for and it cost nothing.

If you like acronyms this might be your cup of tea, but I found it bland. The best idea that this book conveyed is that people do not need a revolution in all they do, but an evolution to take their inherent greatness to the next level.

To happiness, and beyond!




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