Wealth 101 by John-Roger and Peter McWilliams


A comprehensive book on getting what you want and enjoying what you’ve got with entirely too many quotes.

Another book seeing the light as a result of our move, this 510 page monster is worth the read. They go into depth about what wealth is, defining it not just as money but as health, happiness, abundance, prosperity, riches, loving, caring, sharing, learning, knowing what you want, opportunity, enjoying and balance. All the things people want in life and frequently believe requires money.

On every second page, they have no writing but only a quote or two. Additionally, they use quotations exhaustively throughout the book. Some are relevant and come from respected sources (Cicero, Abraham Lincoln). Others are irrelevant and come from completely obscure sources (Martin Lane, Fank Moore Colby). They prove beyond a doubt that if you quote enough people you can say anything.

A very valid point that they make is that we are already wealthy. We already have health, happiness, sharing, learning, etc. We all have a great number of things to be grateful for and that brings us happiness.  We also do not need to delay our happiness to some point in the future where everything is perfect and amazing.

Money has many conflicting meanings in society and you need money for a lot of things. Being poor is not more honourable than being rich, just more inconvenient. It makes no sense to prevent yourself from gaining the experiences you desire that require money. They highlight some of the negative beliefs people have about money and give good alternatives to replace them with.

Most people enjoy what they have a lot less than they could. This book gives good advice on how to enjoy life more and explains why it is so easy to focus on the negative.  Dissolving your beliefs about unworthiness and ingratitude, realising that you can’t have it all, enjoying the climb, accepting your eventual death, taking action all contribute to more enjoyment.

They discuss meditation and give many different exercises to practise them, show how to create a mental Sanctuary where you can relax and work through problems. They advise on seeding, tithing and how to phrase a goal, how to work out what you want, finding balance between getting and enjoying, and a lot of other general life skills like ten minutes of reflection a day.

I did not do all the exercises and to do them all would take months. I have learned quite a bit, refreshed on knowledge that I was not applying and made a few changes in my perspective. There is a lot of good content between the verbiage. A good book on getting what you want, enjoying what you’ve got and the balance between.

To happiness, and beyond!


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