All you really want is a feeling

This post does not really contain anything new, but I need to verbalize my own thoughts, maybe it helps you as well.

You think that you want a lot of stuff. You may even believe that you need a lot of stuff. Yet you do not have it all, and you are still existing. Like most people, you chase things without knowing what you truly want. What you want are feelings.

You don’t want a big house, you want the feeling of abundance and success. You want to feel special and loved. You don’t want status, you want to feel accepted and proud of your achievements. You don’t want the model body, you want the satisfaction of knowing that you put in the effort to improve yourself and be the best person you know how.

I have already written about equilibrium. For any place you are in life, you have certain actions that you are taking that are leading to certain results, and your equilibrium has a momentum. Here comes the right hook: you can create the results you want if you first create the feeling that you desire.

By disrupting your equilibrium and stabilizing your habitual feelings on a higher level, you can create the needed behaviour.  The chosen feelings create the appropriate behaviour and that leads to the wanted outcome.

But changing your thoughts are hard because your brain has made a habit out of them. Your environment also reinforces the same type thoughts that you usually think. This is part of your equilibrium’s momentum, and this is what keeps you stuck.

You turn your head, lose focus and then you fall back into your previous thought patterns and all the behaviours that go with them. A few days later you have regained all the momentum you lost. You are back where you started.

So how do you feel loved when you are alone?  For Christians, the obvious answer is to remember that God created you perfectly and that you are infinitely loved. As someone who thinks the atheistic interpretation is more accurate, I don’t know. I meditate, realize that I am not my mind and accept myself. You were not the helm, your mind was. It was just trying to do the best it could for you. It just isn’t very self-aware, so gets distracted easily. The past does not exist anymore. You cannot do anything in the past, and you cannot do anything in the future. The only reality that exists is this present moment.

I love myself for what I am. I love myself because I know I tried. I accept myself because to deny it would be making an inaccurate map of reality. The better your map, the better your eventual results.

Be present. If you are present you learn from what is happening right now. You can start updating the mistaken patterns that your mind was confusing for reality. If you are conscious, you can actively start change. You gain power and are not just moving around like a leaf in the current. You now have tiny leaf arms that you can paddle with. And you can paddle in the direction of the sun to grow your arms stronger. It might have been an unconscious seeking, but there was seeking nonetheless.

How to create the feelings:

Know that this will be difficult and that you will be knocked off course many times. Just keep trying to get on track and you’ll get there.

Any objective fact you think exists is largely influenced by perspective. Is the house you live in a wonderfull house? Depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who is starving in a mud hut, they will tell you that you have an amazing house (To readers who are starving in a mud hut: you could be starving in a mud hut without internet). If you ask someone who spends 100 times as much on a house they will tell you that you live in a shack not fit for occupation. It’s about perspective.

Even if you have no arms and legs, there are other people without arms and legs who have less than you do. You could have been dead. As long you are alive, there is the possibility that things will get better.

So if you want to feel abundance, you have to imagine that you have just been teleported from a shack and that you now stand amazed at the luxury and abundance surrounding you.

If you want to feel successful, you write out a list of 100 things that you can be thankful for. Actually, do that for any of these feelings. Make a list and put it in a prominent place to remind you to keep adding new reasons why you are so lucky, so grateful, so blessed, etc.

If you doing this until you change your dominant feelings to match the feelings you would love, your behaviour will shift, and that will shift your life situation. People who feel lucky act in ways that create more luck for them. People who feel loved communicate that feeling towards other people with their tone of voice, body language, etc. And then people will start responding with love, and you did it. You reach a new equilibrium. Now you only have to do what feels natural and you will feel the desired feelings.

You created the Truth of the feelings that you want to feel, you took the required action (using your Power) and now you Love and enjoy the results.

This took me a really long time to internalize. I had to hear these ideas in one form or another many times in articles, books and while listening to podcasts to finally get it. Now that I got it I can slowly and steadily work towards doing it.

To happiness, and beyond!



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