The University of Success by Og Mandingo


One sentence: A great book densely packed on how to be successful and enjoy your success.

Another book liberated from storage, it looked interesting and proved well worth the time. The book is made up of 50 sections from personal development celebrities and authors. Each section is a few pages and has an introduction from Og Mandingo.

Some sections were pure gold and deserve to be read many more times. Others were meh and did not really offer anything new. still others were verbiage – after reading them I did not feel as if anything had been said. The section on how to dress I did not find useful at all. This book was printed in 1982 so not only is the advice out of date, it is also extremely conservative. That might be a good route to success but I do not think that new success should come from the blind imitation of old success’s clothing.

When reading this book I had a 7-day chain of success in my skill I was measuring. That combined with this book and a few shifts in perception have left me in a really good place. I feel happy and feel confident that I will be able to maintain and expand on this upwards cycle.

I do not have to feel bad to do good. I function better when I feel good so I have decided to use positivity as my motivation. More than half of the time I was not doing what I really wanted to because I felt bad.

The lesson where they discussed The Will To Fail was really relevant for me. A little known theory of Freud, that we contain the will towards death. The Will To Fail is the opposite of the will to live that allows people to keep striving in spite of all the odds. The Will to Fail is when we act so that we will fail despite all odds.

I was definitely creating failure. One reason is that if I failed I could give up responsibility and just blame external circumstances. This is false because we are always responsible for our own lives and choices. The other reason was that I thought if I tried to get matric and failed then I could fulfil my own prediction and finally follow my dream of doing parkour professionally. This was pure cowardice. I was the only one standing in my way.

I was the only one standing in my way. Realising that I did not have to fail at someone else’s dream to have permission to follow my own. I did not have to destroy my living for other people before I could live for myself. I want a matric and I want to learn maths. I want to be able to study further if I so desired and I also want the math skills needed to understand complex problems. Nobody is forcing me, I am choosing it.

Many of the lessons talked about gratefulness. This lesson I had learnt and then forgotten. I am very grateful to have learned it again.

Many talked about how your thoughts create your reality, how you can have everything you work for, how it is up to you to make your dreams come true. The way that you do this is by giving more than you get. If you persistently put more into your work, your relationships, your attitude then you are marked for success. Most of us want the same things. Recognition. Love. Support. Purpose. The way that you receive these is by giving them to the other person.

To the degree that you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.

From Benjamin Franklin and others, I learned that criticism is not useful and is actively harmful. This is a big change that I will eventually make. I am appalled by the damage I have done through all my criticism. I can only be grateful for everybody that put up with my insecure lashing out. Because non-acceptance of other people stemmed from not accepting myself. That has also improved.

Great book well worth the 500 pages to read. Applying the principles in this book will give you more material to work with than you need in one lifetime, with some left over. It helped me start moving forward again.

To happiness, and beyond!


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