July Monthly Review

This month has been not so great. Parkour stopped for the holidays, just when I was starting to make some real progress. I also did not really start anything new, knowing that within two weeks I would be in jhb. In retrospect, this was more of an excuse than a real factor to be contended with.

I had chosen to do physio exercises as the thing that I would track this month. It did not seem as if tracking really led to any improvement.  In the first two weeks, I only did it once. This includes the time I was depressed and fatigued from moving house. In the third week, I built a chain of 3 days before falling off the waggon. Once again I forgot that if you go hard and really push yourself you have to take time off to recover or at least exercise lightly.

In week 4- success! I managed to show up every day and do a minimum of exercises. I did not exercise for 30 minutes each time, but I showed up. I now have a 9- day chain going. I like this so much that I am going to keep it as my focus for August to really lock in the pattern and turn it into a solid habit.

The work I need to do for my homeschool matric is  being done slowly but surely. I don’t feel as if I am doing as much as would be done in school yet, but am confident I can work up to it. I currently do about 2-4 hours each weekday of maths and physics. I do both on khan academy. Earlier this month when doing functions I did more practise in Geogebra ( a cool algebra and geometry program). Now I rarely use it.  With

With khan academy, I know that I have the work mastered when moving on to the next. I also do not need to work out complicated systems of review, I just show up each day and do some new work as well as mastery challenges. I would prefer if there were more application questions as it is mostly just the bare performing of operations on numbers. I am not confident that all of it can be applied directly to real-world problems.

All two times I went to the University of Witwatersrand to try and do gymnastics have been duds. The first time there was a career day and the second competitions where participants were being examined and graded. I only saw girls doing rhythmic gymnastics, so I hope there are boys who do more of the types of gymnastics that can carry over to parkour. I am going again tomorrow to see and hopefully start practising.

To happiness, and beyond!



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