You are already on purpose

There is an amazing movement happening. It’s the purpose movement. People are realising that when you are living your purpose, everything just works better. Life is more joyous, flowing and happiness is no longer over the horizon. This is great, but there’s just one problem. Some (most) of us don’t know what our purpose is. This makes us feel that there is something wrong with us and definitely doesn’t help us feel better.

For everybody who is wondering what their purpose is and feels bad that they don’t know. You are already on purpose. You heard me, you are already on purpose. You are exactly where you need to be right now. The lessons that you need to learn are staring you in the face, and all you need to do is what you are already doing.

There is a story about a rose. At first, the rose is just a seed and does not amount to anything. Nobody expects the rose to be anything else. Everybody knows that you first have to be a seed to become a plant, and you first have to be a beginner to become a master.

Then the seed sprouts and sends its first delicate green leaves reaching for the sky. Still, nobody expects the rose to be a mature flower. Everybody accepts that you first need to grow for some time before you get beautiful flowers. There is also nobody that expects the rose to be a potato and grow to feed people. It is, after all, a rose.

Many days go by, at last, the rose buds open, and a colourful flower brings happiness to the world.  Then many people forget that the rose was once a seed, and condemn other seeds for not being mature. The route to success is forgotten, and only the end result is praised. People are also very selective in what they choose to remember about the rose. Few people talk about its thorns, but the people who pick roses know that beauty frequently comes with pain.

Roses are loved by some in spite of their thorns, and by others especially because they need to take care not to hurt themselves when appreciating beauty. There are also different varieties of roses. Some have great visual appeal, but almost no scent. Others look drab but smell divine. Different people prefer different roses, but they are all perfect.

You are perfect. Don’t worry about not knowing your purpose. Many great people never knew what their purpose was, yet the world is a better place because of them. Children do not know their purpose. All newborn babies do are cry, drink milk and poop. Yet babies are almost universally loved.

You need the things you are learning today. Do not wish you were somewhere else. If you are not here now, you won’t be there then, and living your whole life in a future that does not exist seems boring.

It’s your choice, so enjoy your life.

To happiness, and beyond!




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