Thoughts about moving house

Note: I wrote this post the day we moved in(Saturday). This is my first opportunity to post.

I have not really posted about the fact that we are moving to jhb. The reasons are that I did not think I had a lot to say and that I did not want to take the time to write then. Now we have moved and unpacked a lot here, and there are some things that I want to share.
We have more stuff than we think. I thought that I was down to bare essentialism, yet I still found a box of old school books that I was never going to use again. And a box of old clothes that my mother had stored in my cupboard that I would never have kept. In this box, I found gloves which I had been looking for 2 months now(not very hard).
When we thought we had everything packed, we still discovered thing in cupboards and in the background that we had forgotten about. About 4 boxes full of stuff, after we thought we were done. Things like rugs and portraits on the walls. We didn’t see it because it was just part of the scenery. Also in the garage cupboards, we found 2 boxes of old photographs, files full of old newspaper clippings and junk. And a whole rack of portraits that we had not even unpacked from the last move. My mother would want to keep them, but to me, they were just other people’s history with some going up to 3 generations back. I understand being sentimental, but just keep a digital photo and think about the fact that your happiness does not lie in reliving the past, but in creating the future.

A tip for people who are moving: buy more boxes. We ran out twice and having some left over would not be a disaster as they are quite cheap. We also went through 2 rolls of black dustbin bags.
Something unexpected is that this new area has a lot more black dirt from car wheels that stick to my feet. My carpets are already dirty. Shoes don’t seem to pick up as much, but either way, it will be a hassle. Either I have to wash my feet each time I enter the house or I live with dirty carpets. Cars are parked outside my window and unfortunately there are many bright lights that keep them lighted all night long. I wonder if people simply don’t understand how important having a dark room is for deep rest when sleeping. I also don’t think that it does anything to deter burglars. To steal the cars they would still have to exit the remote controlled gate. I think it is highly unlikely that they will allow me to turn off those in front of my window.
As we unpack we are throwing a lot in the rubbish straight away. We really have so much stuff that we only use occasionally and don’t need. My father has like 4 nice suits that were just hanging in his cupboard and he was not even wearing them. Hopefully, he will start wearing them now.
I realised that if you only accumulate a little more rubbish each month it means that it quickly adds up to a massive amount of work that you have to do to sort it and dispose of it. Once again the pattern of incremental changes quickly adding up to massive results. Either positive or negative.
Jhb is a lot more multicultural and I am glad that I will now be experiencing more of our nation instead of the mostly white and old people who lived in the houses near us. Being right next to a park is amazing. I am sad that my parkour classes are going to be too far to walk. 9km. I will be fit enough to use a bicycle within a few months so that could solve it.
I am once again shocked by how many fat people I saw at the mall and in my environment. It’s a problem because whether we like it or not we all influence each other. Luckily there are also a lot more people jogging, so I can make some friends who are fitter than me and will pull me up to the next level.
The reason we have stuff that doesn’t really make us happy is we feel a lack. We are afraid that if we let go then somewhere in the future we will be unhappy if we don’t have it. So we cling to stuff that brings us no happiness now and drains our energy. If I was alone I would only have a suitcase, computer bag and 2 boxes. I could load everything in my car and just go wherever. Or just a backpack and travel overseas. Minimalism is really calling to me now.
I also want to give more. So much of the stuff we don’t need could really improve other people’s lives. And if you are constantly giving then you can know that whatever you need you will be helped by other people. Plus I think it feels good, and I would like that. I really want to learn how to give massively. That my life is such an outflow that inflow comes automatically. Instead of holding on and slowly decaying.
I have a number of things that I am becoming totally incompatible with my father and brother. I am on the lookout for opportunities that would allow me to move out and live uncompromisingly. I have a few plans, so will keep you posted.
To happiness, and beyond!


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