I feel like a Nazi

On the concept of showing favour to one group at the expense of another. When the one group gains a slight advantage through the institutionilized pain, suffering and widespread cruelty. Where most of the population lives in ignorance, or knows but does not want to think about it. Where people pay other people to perform acts of cruelty on their behalf. Where they write songs about eating dead flesh and advertise on huge billboards to draw more customers.

How would you feel, if you lived in Natzi Germany during the Second World War, and you knew about how Jews were being treated, yet did nothing. Not only did you do nothing, but your parents became rich by selling dead people’s possesions. You enjoyed being rich every day, but one day you realized where your parent’s money came from.

You wake up to the reality you are living in, and cry for all the cruelty and suffering that is going on all around you. You wonder how people you think are good, kind people who are honorable and whom you admired can stay silent about what is happening. Not just being passive, they actively propound and continue the state of affairs.

This is how I feel. It makes me wonder what the meaning of life is, when whole societies can accept and encourage cruelty, even to their own long term detriment. Surely not 90% of people are bad? Or that so many people can close their minds to what is happening all around them, and when you talk about it with them say:”I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to talk about it.” Are people truly so easy to manipulate?

I am talking about meat consumption.

Most people would not eat meat if they had to slaughter the animals themselves, but when it is done out of sight it suddenly becomes palatable. People make themselves forget where their food comes from. I still eat meat. I don’t have the strength to stop, given my current level of self-discipline and the environment I am in. I want to stop, but so far all I have done is reduce.

If you think of yourself as a kind person, watch videos about factory farms, then decide for yourself whether you can still justify eating animal products.

To happiness, and beyond!


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