People used as settings in the game of life

I think that in the game of life, people are settings. World generation options that modify the scope of possible experiences.

The people and environment that we surround ourselves with are the monsters that we choose to slay or tame as pets. They are the quests that we pursue and the frequency to which you tune your radio.

We choose input channels and then react to their outputs. Sometimes we change the channel if we dislike them enough. Most of our time is spent on familiar channels broadcasting the same repetitive programming. Thus our life is also repetitive and familiar

Some channels only broadcast for a short while. They can sometimes change our lives in such a way that we never forget them. Most are just garbled sounds that we quickly skip over.

We can gain skill in changing channel so that we know that whatever happens we will be able to tune in to a good program once again.

To happiness, and beyond!


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