The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


One sentence: This book is full of profound truths, alternatively, gibberish that people kid themselves mean something.

This is a very famous book, or at least I have seen it referenced many times. It is definitely not straight forward. All the lessons are presented as the utterings of a prophet about to leave a small village. The words seem to be nonsensical at times and other times feel like profound universal truths.

I found it a strange experience to read it. At some passages, I felt great swells of emotion without being able to tell you why. I think that someone with greater life experience would obtain more value from this book as they have many events that they can compare it to.

One theme struck me: That there are right ways, but that the other ways are not wrong. I think this means that we can make better choices that give us more happiness, but making the wrong choices do not make us unworthy of love. Stumbling is not a crime and everybody stumbles or even fall off a cliff. By making the wrong choices we learn and it allows us to make better choices in the future. If you try it is very hard to live the wrong life. Even if you don’t try it still isn’t wrong.

I also caught undertones of the idea that everything has its place and to not accept the world as it is is not right. But it is not wrong either.

Something I agree with is that you should not just live from feeling, for then you make very stupid mistakes. Neither should you live only from your mind for then you don’t feel alive. Blending both gives you a life that is well-thought out as well as irrational and an exciting adventure. I think that with time and experience you can learn when to feel and when to think.

This is a thin, small book but its density of meaning is far greater than even above average density. So much meaning is in each word it almost becomes poetry.

Who would benefit from reading this book? No idea. I think every person will have a different reaction to it. So if you find it curious then read it? A book with unique contents.

To happiness, and beyond!


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