“I can’t decide.” “I don’t know how to make up my mind.” “What do you think I should do” These are all words of people giving their power away. They want someone else to take their problem off of their shoulders, and they want someone to blame when things go wrong.

You don’t need to decide. You can choose. You are not limited by the options that seem available. You can choose to create something entirely different. And ultimately we are all living the life of our choosing.

We always have the choice to walk away. Or at least we always have the choice to try. You can walk out the door and never look back. Or if you are already walking you can choose to stop or to turn into a new direction. Staying where you are is choosing by default.

No matter how bad or how good life gets, remember that you chose it. If you don’t like it don’t choose it. Seeing as you chose it this far, maybe there is something in this that you want to learn? Some insight you hope to gain? Even if the insight ist that you do not want this.

Don’t trust that things will work out. Work. Change. Until you have worked and changed that you know they will work out. Do not cling to your current miserable path because you see no other. Choosing what not to do is just as important as choosing what you will do.

To happiness, and beyond!


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