Breaking out of Homeostasis by Ludwig Sunstrom

Rating: 4/5

One sentence: Good book on how to break out of homoeostasis, activate your prefrontal cortex and move up to the next level.

Homoeostasis is a necessary part of any organism but left unchecked it can turn into idleness and monotony. The insidious voice of comfort keeps you stuck. You have to use willpower to consciously push harder and break through the plateau.

Addictions to sugar, fast food, instant gratification, and movies create a homoeostasis that leaves very little energy free to change or learn. Those who try to escape these vicious cycles will have to be patient as they gradually rewire their brain’s reward systems and replace neural wiring.

This book also talks about intermittent fasting, self-esteem, and the opposite of homoeostasis(allostasis).

Breaking out of homoeostasis feels awesome. I have done it a few times, inspired by this book. It truly feels as if you can do anything. Work becomes a lot more pleasurable than rest and it saddening when you run out of time and you have to go to sleep.

I found an old version for free, but the latest one you have to pay for. Read this book and start gaining momentum!

To happiness, and beyond!


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