The easiest thing in the world

This is a sequel to my post the hardest thing in the world: LINK

I said that the hardest thing in the world is to do nothing. But the easiest thing in the world is to do the same. To follow homeostasis, to run on a loop and to repeat the past.

I am currently reading Ludwig Sunstrom’s Breaking out of Homeostasis, and he very accurately describes how most people live their whole lives on auto-pilot. They do no more and maybe even less than they did last time. They eat the same, work the same and complain the same. Stagnation leads to decay and their lives go steadily downhill.

Homeostasis is an essential part of every living organism. To prevent us from just using up all our energy at once and dying of exhaustion it is necessary to take measures to conserve energy. We use habits to follow remembered solutionsĀ to our common problems. If the solution is good then this serves us well. However, we do not examine these thoughts so they easily become addictive and self-destructive.

All our habits that we start with are given to us as children. Either our parents or our peers taught us to behave in a certain manner. Most likely their solutions are an imperfect fit for our life and our problems. To reach our full potential we have to examine allĀ of our regular actions, be they habits of eating, talking or thinking. Those that no longer serve us or that we can upgrade need to be replaced.

It is very hard to automatically change. All of our hormones, environment, thought patterns and people we associate with repeat themselves. Left to their own devices our body and mind conserve energy, maintain the status quo and take the easy way out.

Only be using the force of our conscious awareness can we introduce change. Only by deliberately deciding to be different. Or we can do the easiest thing in the world: follow the loop. Are you going to decide to be different? Or are you going to listen to your weak-willed, cowardly subconscious?

To happiness, and beyond!



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