June Monthly Review

This month my stated goal was to memorise 30 new words each week. It did not quite work out that way, but I succeeded. I now know the Master Memory System words for all the numbers up to 130. At the beginning of the month I memorised more than 30 a week and by the end of the month, I memorised less. Last week I barely managed to review the cards that Anki scheduled for review.


My blogging went well. Total posts for June: 20 More than half were old posts that I had scheduled ahead. My scheduled posts will soon run out and then I will have to step up to have a post each Monday and a book review every Thursday.

I also came to the realisation that if I do not intend to make a career out of blogging right away that I want a matric and the option to go and study at university. To that result, I have been doing maths on Khanacademy, memory techniques and some physics. I am disappointed that I have forgotten so much work.

I found out that I feel alive on the trampoline at the gymnastics hall in an environment of other people also doing cool things with their bodies. I learned how to do a front flip on the trampoline. I am still very hesitant to do a backflip and have not attempted one recently. I don’t know how to do one yet for the simple reason of fear coupled with procrastination.

Parkour classes have stopped for the holidays and I will be in Johannesburg before they start again. I miss the companionship and the practice. I have also neglected my physio exercises with the result that my hips have gone out of alignment again. Part of the reason is that I did little movement when my best friend Kgomotso came over. We just lay around and watched a series and walked to the shops for ice-cream. I also started watching the series Limitless and continued with that until I finished it. Way too much sitting was done by me.

My goal that I will be measuring for the month of July is to daily do physio exercises. I make no minimum on the required amount, but every day I have to start. Preferably when my alarm goes off for it in order to condition myself that the alarm means exercise.

To happiness, and beyond!


3 thoughts on “June Monthly Review

  1. An alarm can easily be ignored, if you find yourself ignoring it try putting up a reminder on your wall but make it visible so it catches your eye when ever you enter the room. I do this when I set goals so when I procrastinate it guilt trips me into doing it.


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