Rights and responsibilities

You cannot have rights without the accompanying responsibilities. They are two sides of the same coin and an imbalance between them leads to problems.
All things are a small part of a larger whole, but also made up of many smaller parts.
Responsibilities are the result of being part of something bigger. If you neglect your responsibilities then soon you will be ejected from the bigger whole and become a separate part once again.
Rights are the result of being independent, and not a part of the larger whole. Without rights you lose your partness and autonomy, becoming part of the whole.
Contradictions arise because things are at the same time a part(seperate) and whole(together). Just because this is paradoxical doesn’t mean that it is not true.

The difference between being responsible and being at fault.

One of the first things that happen when something goes wrong is that people look for someone else to blame. In that moment the disadvantages of responsibility are obvious and the benefits of the accompanying rights are hidden. They try and get the positive parts of increased rights and responsibilities without getting the negative parts.
Sometimes the opposite happens: when things go well and they try to take credit for good things that they didn’t cause. You cannot pick up one end of a stick without the other end. You also cannot have rights without their balancing responsibilities.

People are afraid of taking responsibility or being responsible because of two things: confusing responsibility with being at fault, and being afraid of failure.

Confusing responsibility with failure is a logical fallacy where you do not separate two related but different concepts. Being at fault is when you did something wrong that had negative consequences. Being responsible means that you have to take action. You are respond-sible.

People are afraid of failure because they see failure as a sign that they are an inadequate person. They believe that they cannot change that inadequacy, so they try to hide it from people. They have a mindset that skill is a result of talent: a fixed mindset.
This happens to most people and becomes even more crippling as they achieve more success: The imposter syndrome is a problem, and they don’t really know how to solve it.

If rights do not balance with responsibilities you get instabilities. At a society level when there are not enough rights it will cause a revolution or civil unrest. If there are not enough responsibilities then widespread inefficiencies or decay happens.
In a company when there are not enough rights, it will show as internal conflict and worker dissatisfaction. If there are not enough responsibilities then the important things will not happen leading to trouble for the company.
At individual level if you do not have enough rights you will be dissatisfied and rebellious. If you do not have enough responsibilities then your life will go downhill.

At every level, the responsibilities and rights have to balance for stability.

Vertical axis is responsibility, Horizontal axis is rights. The purple line is where they balance.

The flow of rights and responsibilities tends to stabilise at a certain level. To increase your power, you must stabilise your flow of rights and responsibilities on a higher level by first unbalancing your rights or responsibilities. If you increase your rights without increasing your responsibilities you align more with the Dark Side. The more you walk down this path the more evil you will be. A very powerful, evil person contributes more than a unpolarized and weak person.

If you increase your rights without increasing your responsibilities you align more with the Dark Side. The more you walk down this path the more evil you will be.
If you increase your responsibilities without increasing your rights then you align more with the Light side.
Steve Pavlina has written an in-depth article on this topic.
As your alignment with either the Dark or the Light side increases, everything changes.A warm experience from other people is a right. How hot or cold an experience you create towards other people is your responsibility. The expectations you have of other people are your rights. What other people expect from you are your responsibilities.

If you treat people badly(neglect responsibility), then soon people will start treating you badly(you lose a right). Most rights are not written in law, so you can lose them easily. However, society ordained that certain rights are not allowed to be lost. The right of free speech, the right to life, ect. We all know that those rights are not always honored. The societies that honor them more have more ease in enforcing their right to tax, their right to make laws, ect.


If you are having instability in your life there is a good chance that you are unbalanced in your rights and responsibilities. Your life will keep changing rapidly until you can balance your rights and responsibilities again. If you are struggling to have your rights met, you need to fulfill your responsibilities more, or take on more responsibility. Increasing the flow of rights and responsibilities through you will increase your power.

To happiness, and beyond!






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