The light experiment.

I have not mastered the skill of sleeping easily. This post is about my experiment where I removed the lights from my bedroom and bathroom, to see if it had any effect on my sleeping patterns. In short: No. Not that I could notice.

I created the change quite easily: All I did was unscrew the lightbulbs, so then even if I hit the switch I would have no light. For the first weeks, when I walked into the room, I automatically hit the light switch. Gradually that stopped happening. I had no problem with brushing my teeth and getting into bed because there is a street lamp near our house.

After 18 days I stopped the experiment and screwed the lightbulbs back in. I was surprised that when I have light, mostly I forgot to turn it on. This is an example of where an environmental change easily produced a habit change, even after the environment reverted to its previous state.

To happiness, and beyond!


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