7 Deadly Sins of Personal Development

Steve Pavlina has identified 3 main and 4 secondary principles of personal development: Truth, Love, and Power are the main principles that the others are derived from. The secondary principles are Courage, Oneness, Authority, and Intelligence.

I am an atheist, so I do not believe that there are sins that a patriarchal God will punish people for. But the concept of sin is useful by showing us guidelines that if we disregard will bring ourselves and others pain. So here are the 7 deadly sins of personal development:

A lack of Truth: This can be when you lie to yourself, other people, or have an inaccurate map of reality. Not learning from your mistakes is one way that you can commit this sin. If you do not actively seek ways to learn, you are also not increasing your level of Truth.

A lack of Love: When you do not love yourself or other people, and create pain and suffering for yourself and other people. Not reaching out and giving as well as receiving help from other people. Staying in a bad environment that you know to be bad for you is another example of how you can commit this sin.

A lack of Power: Not taking responsibility for yourself and the consequences of your actions. Procrastinating and not taking the actions that will bring you success. Seeking to unmake yourself and become powerless. Every time you complain, you give your power away. Powerful people do not complain.

A lack of Courage: We all know the damage that fear can do to our hopes and dreams. Letting fear stop you will retard your personal development. Act despite feeling afraid and you will avoid this sin

A lack of Oneness: Thinking that as an individual you are separate from your environment, culture and the social systems that are all around you. Being extremely self-centered without a regard for other people or the damage you are doing to society. Drug dealers sin in this regard every day. Being internally incongruent and not accepting parts of yourself.

A lack of Authority: Not bringing your creative power to bear on the direction of your life and the type person you are. Not taking the right actions and being incompetent or mediocre without doing anything about it.

A lack of Intelligence: Not following the principles of Truth, Love and Power, either consciously or unconsciously.

To atone for your sins, embrace and move towards what you want(Love), take action to make your dreams come true(Power) and be honest with yourself as much as you can bear (Truth). Doing this will also result in you having more Authority, more Oneness, more Courage and more Intelligence. Following this path of personal growth is very rewarding, as I can personally attest.

My vision for this blog is to create a massive resource that helps people to live lives that are more aligned with Truth, Love and Power – to be Intelligent People – and to create ripple effect of a better society and a better planet.

To happiness, and beyond!


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