Do you trust yourself?

If not you, then who?

Who lives in your body?

Who feels your desires?

If the person with the most unfiltered feedback loop cannot optimize their lives, who can?

Yet trusting yourself is so radical. If you trust yourself, you will probably do things that everybody around you thinks is absolutely insane. Not your own logic, but your own emotions and the physical feedback that you get from being alive. Logic doesn’t care if you are happy or sad. Logic doesn’t care if you are lonely. Logic doesn’t care if you win or lose, live or die. Your life is destroying the lives of hundreds of organisms, so why would it be a bad idea to stop living?

Logic cannot tell you who should be the one holding the camera, the perspective from which all others are measured. I? Us? All humanity? All life? The universe?. Especially with THE US. us and them. Everybody draws the line at a different point. Everybody thinks that us is more important than them.

If you cannot rely on pure logic, what about emotions? But we all know how badly our emotions have led us astray. With a little bit of training in manipulation and control our emotions can be pulled this way and that. Like a puppet we can be jerked into doing whatever some high hands desire.

I say trust yourself. You are the person living in your body. You are the person who has to deal with the consequences of your actions. You are the person who has to sleep at night, and look at your face in the mirror. You are the one that has to feel like the living dead, or feel alive and awake.

Trust yourself.

Trust: believing that the person will not harm you and wishes you the best.

I firmly believe that we wish the best for ourselves. I firmly believe what makes us happy will help others feel happy too. Being true to ourselves will also keep us true to each other.

You cannot walk away from yourself. You and yourself and I and me. All the yous are sailing in the same boat. There are no lifeboats. Sink or swim


To happiness, and beyond!


Prove me wrong!

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