May Montly Review

Total of times I did typing practise: 5

I decided mid-month that I would no longer set it as a priority. If I am not trying to do blogging as a career, it does not make sense for me to try and force myself to learn a sub-skill for blogging. I really find it strange how creativity works: weeks of nothing, and then suddenly one weekend I have more posts that I know what to do with. I find it strange to be talking about creativity, as I did not picture myself as an artist when I was younger. I also realized that I could definitely write down everything that I had learned every day, because I learn something every day. I don’t know how useful that would be for other people and I also find it hard to install the habit of writing daily.

Total of times I did the walk-through stretch for parkour: 18. Many of the days I delayed it until late and then did not get to it.

Many of the days I delayed it until late and then did not get to it. Sometimes I was in environments where I could not do it and then forgot later on.

This month I started parkour at tuks as well as seeing a physiologist. I was informed that my hips were rotated and my core unbalanced. I started doing exercises to correct it, but when I started parkour gave that priority. The parkour was extremely exhausting. I still don’t understand why coaches seem to think that you have to almost die to progress. They also do not take into account that someone who has just started is a lot less conditioned that the people who have been doing it for 6 months. Once again, it was a case of trying to do too much too soon, and I stopped.

The intense exercise of parkour so late at night completely threw off my sleep patterns. I found myself going to sleep at 11 and waking up at 8 in the morning. During the day I was eating a massive amount of peanut butter and watching Chuck instead of moving. The cold also started now and made it uncomfortable for me to walk late at night or early in the morning.

This last week I tried to overcome my habits with force, and failed. I was went through a bout of depression and felt very lonely. I was not very content at dance classes and felt ready to move on, but it gave me social contact and got me out and moving. I stopped it to start parkour, then was not able to make the transfer completely. I realized that blogging, at least in it’s current incarnation, was simply too lonely. During the day I was alone, reading and writing, and in the afternoons and evenings I did not want to do that any more, but could not see where my attention could be used productively, and pleasureably.


I will not completely abandon bloggin, but no longer try to do it as a career straight away. I will no longer force myself to write when I have no inclination to, and no longer do deliberate practise on my typing speed. I know that I would be able to turn it into a career if I so chose. The joy is in the process, and the process of blogging does not have enough social contact for me to spend most of my time on it. From now on it’s place is on the back burner.

This month of June that is coming up, I will focus my attention on memory techniques. I will start memorizing the master memory system from Tony Buzan’s book. Each week I will memorize 30 more numbers, and practise recalling them. I wanted to do 50, 10 a day, but I now know from experience that I do not get to my things every day of the week, so three out of 5 will be my target this month. Wish me luck!

To happiness, and beyond!