Book Review: Games Foxes Play by Chantell Illbury and Clem Sunter

Rating: 4/5

One sentence: A practical book to read on how to strategize in business and get your whole company involved.

In this book, the authors are full of praise for so-called “fox” minds that change their minds, contrasted with hedgehogs who oversimplify, think that the future is predictable and do not change their minds in light of new evidence.

You use a 10 step process to first define the game that your business is playing, the other players and the rules of the game. You then construct scenarios for contingency planning and use it to make strategic decisions.

I found the Predictability/Impact chart very interesting, and I think it would be one of the most useful tools to use from this book. Recommended for a business that wants to create a good strategic plan.

To happiness, and beyond!


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