Book Review: Models by Mark Mason


Debunks many false myths around dating and relationships and explains the three pillars of a great love life through honesty.

I had heard only good things about this book, and if the book was anything like his blog then I wanted to read it. Having read it, I can say that it was well worth the time.

This book proposes three fundamentals or variables that predict your relationship:

  • Honest Living, a removal of the separation of between the person you desire to be and the person you actually are.
  • Honest Action, as removing the separation between your desires and your actions.
  • Honest Communication as removing the separation between what you believe and feel and your words.

This book says that fundamentally, your attractiveness is a┬ámeasure of how non-needy you are. The paradox is that the less invested you are in any specific relationship, the better any relationship will work. Being vulnerable shows that you do not depend on other’s perceptions of you and that you can express yourself authentically. Only people who are not needy can be vulnerable.

The long and hard road of facing your fears and becoming the person that you desire to be is what allows you to confidently assert yourself and connect with compatible relationship partners. Basically the process of personal development. The principles in this book also align with Steve Pavlina’s universal principles for personal development. I find this fascinating and also validating of their correctness.

This book is well-deserved in its top place. Unless you are perfectly happy with your relationships, I recommend this book. If you are perfectly happy in a relationship, you will also find it very valuable. In relationships –

To happiness, and beyond!


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