Bad boys and post-moral boys

The difference between being a bad boy and a boy who thinks the rules are unjust and should not be obeyed. The bad boy disobeys the letter and spirit of the law, yet usually the other boy obeys the spirit of the law while disobeying the letter.

Pre-moral does not want to obey the rules because they are only interested in themselves and many of the rules require them to place something else above themselves. Post-moral does not always obey the rules because the place their value higher up the integration chain. eg if rules value a community, they value entire consciousness.

Frequently what is true on a certain level is false on a higher or lower level. The less integrated and decentralized your viewpoint is the more you center on yourself and immediate effect on you rather than on the long term for all humanity etc.

The two frequently get confused because neither will obey the rules. The validity and usefulness of rules can be measured how well they work for most people and for people on different levels of moral etc development. This is also true of wisdom and of great literature. Eg the bible can be interpreted and is useful on the level of pre-moral, moral, and post-moral. The same words seen with different viewpoints remain valid.

This is the advantage of dense writing. You can speak to many different people on many different levels and make sense to them all. An individual can also return to the work again and again and find new meaning and value each time.

With non-dense, one unit or less of meaning per word you can only reach one audience on a certain level at one time. It is also usually only of use once as once is all that is needed to extract meaning. Most books, articles, songs, movies lose much if not most of their value after the first consumption. Those we find of high quality and density we return to again and again, and not just for the effect of regulating our emotions with predictable content.


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