Reason to believe

There’s an argument to make that people need a reason to believe. I don’t think so.

Why can’t you just live your life and live a good life without some exterior reason? If the whole meaning of life is that we are DNA trying to survive, and have come about by a random process, is that really so bad?

Why do you feel the need to point to some deity or supernatural force as a reason for your existence? Supernatural? How is human technology not supernatural? I can assure you there are no other species that destroy ecosystems and mine up the earth to create shiny trinkets used in many cases merely for entertainment.

Have you ever seen a giraffe use a chain-saw? Or a lion using melting steel to improve his claws?  Have you ever seen another species that can go so far above and beyond their natural capabilities? We humans act like gods, with almost limitless power for creation. Even larger powers for destruction. We create systems that are orders of magnitude more effective at feeding us than any other animal. Systems that have allowed us to step out of the food chain. We are supernatural.

The standard meaning that is given to supernatural of ghosts, physic phenomena, entities from other dimensions and talking to dead people I used to dismiss as fanciful thinking. I used to think that people were just seeing patterns where none existed, similarly to seeing faces in clouds. I thought that is was only their imagination.

Now I have a different mindset towards such things. The person who has changed my mind on this topic is the blogger Steve Pavlina. His interpretation that there is an humungous amount of data available to us through our senses, but a very narrowly constrained amount of attention and mental capacity to process it. Our beliefs inform us about what to pay attention to and what to discard. For the same data there are many interpretations and ascribing weird phenomena to spirits is merely one way to interpret the data. by comparing different interpretations of data, we can arrive at an underlying truth. If underlying truth is to be had.

Nevertheless, I have not experienced any events that I have not explained sufficiently with normal, objective explanations.

I choose to believe in the inherent goodness of human nature and our almost limitless potential.

To happiness, and beyond!


Prove me wrong!

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