Book Review: The Habit Loop by Charles Duhigg


One sentence: Explains how the habit loop drives the behaviour of individuals, companies and societies.

This book describes how habits work and tells many interesting stories of how our habits make us into the people that we are. Spanning individuals with brain damage, to people sleepwalking, and compulsive gambling. Companies like Starbucks and Alco are examined and explained how their habits have led to their success.

Drawing back the veil on how the hidden habits of companies and institutions allow people to function, or if they are lacking, how disaster can result. The paradox of how companies need a balance of power, while also making sure that there is a clear line of command, is explained.

He examines how free will and extremely strong habits relate to each other, and brings to light how keystone habits allow you to take small wins, use them as leverage and create big change.

Some habits are so ingrained as addictions in our brain that we can only change them if we have belief, and one of the ways to believe is when you regularly interact with people who have already achieved what you are attempting.

Something that I felt was lacking was more practical techniques to change your own habits, but as he said in the book, there are many different strategies for many different circumstances and no one approach will work for everybody. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read, as good habits are essential for success.

To happiness, and beyond!


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