Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy

Rating: 4/5

One Sentence: This book gives a lot of techniques to use your subconscious mind to achieve greater success, overcome fear and solve problems.

Initially, I passed over this book on the bookshelf because it seemed to be full of bible verses instead of actual content. Later when I was going through the shelf systemically, I picked it out based on its title and lined it up to read.

A great deal of the results we achieve in life can be traced back to the behaviour, which is mostly controlled by our subconscious mind. This book has many different techniques to change the commands that your subconscious mind carries out, and applying any of them will definitely improve the results you have in life.

It also contains many stories of how people used their subconscious mind to work for their benefit. There are stories of people turning around their failing careers, healing themselves and attracting the relationship partners that they desire. This is believable. It might not be empirically proveable since the beliefs that participants have about the experiment will influence the outcome.

The medical literature contains many different cases and studies that show that your mind has a physical impact on your body, thus believing that you are healing yourself can physically do so. As for career, we all know that a lot of what makes or breaks many different objectives are our unconscious behaviour. Attracting an ideal partner could be working through the activation of the individuals’ Reticular Activating Cortex, but I personally think that it works because there is a higher power at work in the universe. And you cannot prove to me otherwise since my beliefs shape my reality.

I have already improved my results by applying techniques from this book, and I intend to continue applying them for better results.

To happiness, and beyond!


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