The problem with too much perspective.

“You just need a little perspective!”

“You’ll laugh about this in 10 years!”

These are all very valuable tools that can help you keep hope and stay on the path that leads to your dreams. Lately, however, I have had the problem of too much perspective. I have the classic post-modernist problem. Too much Judge mind (impartial) in terminology. Because I can see everything from multiple perspectives, I find it hard to create meaning. During the day, often the thought pops up that it is all meaningless. It doesn’t even feel like it is me thinking it. It feels as if I just have a soundbite embedded somewhere in my head that keeps playing the voice of nihilism.

If you know that everything will be fine in 5 years, it sometimes becomes demotivating. Especially if you cannot see linearly how you will go from here to there. You realize that you can do whatever you want. Then you start wondering what you want since there is no external meaning to be had. It seems that the meaning I automatically construct is that there is no meaning. Whether I live or die, destroy lives or lift them up, it all ends up roughly the same. Nature never stops, progress continues, or not, and then the next generation faces the same problem with a different face.

Whether it is all predestined, or not, it ends up just as it is. It is impossible to know whether you got a good deal or not, since you can never explore the histories that never were, and some are so divergent that you cannot even begin to imagine them. And at the end of the day, you are another day older. The technique that eliminates my distress over what I cannot control is hi-jacked and used to remove healthy eustress.

To play an equation that only works if you ignore the other side, too much perspective is a curse. If you do not love and hate and fight in a limited-resource world, nothing works. It is in everybody’s interest to not do things that are in everybody’s interest. You need to be selfish so that the best can come out on top and your enemies (who share most of your genes) can flourish. If nature was not “red-in-tooth-and-nail”, the whole process of evolution would collapse.

I do not think we live in a scarce world any longer, yet so many people’s behaviours seem to point to a world divided into winners and losers. For most people in society losing just means you are bored and not dressed in the latest fashions. Very rarely is it a question of life-or-death.  The most common variety of slave is a wage-slave.

The question I need to answer now is: How do you lose perspective so that you can function well once more?

To happiness, and beyond!


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