Start, then test

Taking action is hard. It is something that we all want to get better at. We are so bad at I that Nike has built their whole brand around their “Just do it” anti-procrastination slogan. No, buying shoes won’t stop you from procrastinating. Yes, Nike marketers are liars.

Looking before you jump might be a nice idea in theory, but in practise, it prevents you from taking action and keeps you stuck in analysis paralysis. What you should rather do is start a project working on the core of a project, then do some research to see if it is worthwhile. This gets you moving, and if you do some research and see that your project is a dead end, you haven’t wasted a lot of time.

Before you spend a week examining it, spend a day just doing it. If you want to podcast, use your phone to start recording immediately, no matter if the sound quality is bad. You can always do it over again later. An action done badly, but completed is worth more than no action at all.

Remember to do the research. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, or the semiconductor. Frequently what we are trying to accomplish has already been done better than we could have done it. Find out if this is the case.

Personal Example:

I love Steve Pavlina’s blog articles on personal growth, and I love walking. I would find it awesome if someone had narrated his articles so that I could listen to them on the go. If I would find it useful, other people probably would too. So I sat in front of my computer and narrated (badly) the first two articles in his archives. Then I did a google search and found out that someone else had already done it. Recording the articles had not taken me more than 20 minutes. I got moving and then checked to see if it was viable. It wasn’t, so I didn’t lose a lot of time.

Your work doesn’t have to be perfect to be useful.

To happiness, and beyond!


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