Celebrate your victories

There is a Zen Buddist quote that struck me recently:

If you’re not here now, you won’t be there then.

We are always going somewhere. Most of us lose sight of this perfect moment of now, for a future that might never be.

I have a medium-sized hatred for cliches in general, and a great hatred for inaccurate cliches. However, the cliches about death are very powerful and applicable. Here goes: “If you die in the next hour, will your life have been wasted?” Knowing that your life will not continue for many years to come, do you feel like you had a journey? Or an endless loop?

Celebrate your victories. If you don’t celebrate them soon after they happen, they lose all their meaning and you forget all the things that you achieved after working hard for them. Your brain automatically finds the patterns that you train it to look for. by celebrating your victories, you train your brain to see your successes, not to ignore them. Your general feeling about life becomes more victorious and you become more positive.

Mindfulness allows us to savour life more, to be present, to live in the NOW. You cannot celebrate your victories if you are not mindful. All action you want to take, all your hopes and dreams, all the stories about your past that you tell yourself, everything is happening in the now. You cannot do anything about yesterday. Tomorrow is out of your reach. But now you can change. Now you can move towards what you want or away from what you don’t.



To happiness, and beyond!


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