We are all crazy people

How we all are and have to be, crazy people to survive modern society.

You wake up in a bed(what magic is this). The sheets are made of synthetic fiber: dead organisms of millions of years ago, heated, refined and weaved with complicated patterns. Or made out of cotton( the fluffy part of a peculiar plant).

You probably go to the bathroom. There you do your business into a bowl made of fired clay. Then you make it disappear by pushing on a shiny thing. Water then pulls it along into a hole in the ground.

You wet your hands and try and de-contaminate them with a product made of oil and too many chemicals to mention. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of tiny invisible monsters that make people feel bad.

You go to the cooking-room, which is filled with many more interesting objects. There you may eat some grass  seeds with baby-cow food. This is stored in dead, flat parts of a tree.  You might also eat some burned dead flesh of an omnivore.

You enter the water-room. You then stand under or lay in some hot water. You also wash the mass of dead cells in longs strands that come out of the top of your head. Some more weaved material to dry you. Then you take a stick, put some paste on the tiny sticks on it and scrape that against the calcium formations on your upper and lower jaw. Finish off with a gas that comes out of a can. To make you smell nice of course 😛

You climb in a metal animal with no brain that you direct on the black rock passageways. You move slowly because this time of the day there are many metal-encased hominids on the move.

You get to your workplace. You look at squiggly lines on the light box. Then you make squiggles and look at some more. When you get hungry you fill your gut with products that do not resemble any part of a plant or animal. Throughout the day you consume a beverage made from a bean. The poison it contains gives you a feeling of nervous energy. You stay addicted.

When you get back to your shelter you look at more squiggles or moving pictures, despite the fact that your body is in desperate need of a little movement and activity. You stay awake until late and have a hard time losing consciousness after being in a high state of excitement throughout the day.

How is this not crazy?
I prefer this to hunting-and-gathering any day. 🙂
To happiness, and beyond!


Prove me wrong!

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