Monthly Review for February and March 2016

Things are a bit confused with my parents divorcing. For most of Feb my father, my brothers and I stayed with my uncle and now I am back home. This was a mixed bag and shredded my accounting of how well on track I am with my goals. I also did not initiate a new one. Here are some of the things I could measure:


My wpm speed did not increase significantly, despite typing on average 4000 words a week.


This went well. I read a book a day, sometimes more, during the weekdays that I spent there. I finished all the books in their library that I wanted to read.


I took my regular walk most mornings and swam in the pool. I really enjoyed that.


Posts in Feb: 10

Posts in March: 18

My aim was for twice a week (16), so March was successful in this aspect.

While I was there I was sitting most of the day and my back started really hurting. Stretching etc did not seem to help and some days I could only do a few hours before I went to lie down on my bed. I am certain that long hours of blogging or any job that requires me to sit still for hours on end will not make me happy.

This month I will once again measure my performance, and report it here. My tiny habit that I want to install this month is none. I will merely try to achieve the levels that I strove towards in the previous months. Exercise, typing, reading, writing.

To happiness, and beyond!


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