Do the opposite


We as humans like to fool ourselves, we act as if we are certain, even though certainty has no correlation with accuracy. We do not question our assumptions and sometimes downright ignore reality. That is why it is a good idea to do the opposite sometimes.

This especially a good idea if you have been struggling in an area and not getting nearly the results you desire. Resolve that for one day, or one week, whatever works for you, you will do the opposite of what you normally do.

If you normally wake up late and rush be on time for your job, get everything ready the night before, wake up super early, and start working hours before anybody else show up. Then go home early and enjoy the extra time.

Or don’t go to your job. Go somewhere completely different. Wear clothes that you would never wear, walk in a crazy manner, and listen to music that you hate. If you usually walk with frown, commit that for a full day you will smile at everybody you meet, even if they make your day hell. Walk if you usually commute. Or go in your pajamas. You probably won’t be fired right away. Shake it up!

Why would you do such a crazy thing? One simple reason: experimentation. You might have a pretty good idea of what you have or want to do, but you don’t really know until you test it. I am sure many of you will try something different and find that to your amazement, you like it a lot more. For all you know, you would love being a plumber, or a Ceo, or maybe you would enjoy the stress-free job of a janitor. If you can’t paint to save your life, try a day where you stand on the street and offer to paint people. Then laugh at the terrible (or quite good) creations you bring forth.

The more different types of stimulus your brain gets, the smarter it becomes. You need challenge and variety to reach your full potential. Happy Crazy Day people!

If you don’t want to just take a day for creativity, but are genuinely running up against a wall in what you are doing, try doing the opposite for a while. Just thinking about what the opposite means will result in fresh insight into your own actions.  And if you really were doing something wrong, doing the opposite will set you on the right track.

To happiness, and beyond!



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