You will not regret adventure

Most people have a lot less adventure and a lot more monotony than they would like or that would be optimal for growth.
It’s another one of those short-term long term things. Now, in this moment, it is more comfortable to not change. Tomorrow also. You blink your eyes and months, even years have gone by. You regret that you didn’t have more adventures. You regret that you stayed in your comfort zone until your comfort zone became a prison that you could not escape.
Perspective plays a big role. Many experiences that feel dissappointing, frustrating or painful in the moment become good memories and interesting stories. But sitting on the comfy couch adventure will seem like an unpleasant intrusion.
You won’t regret your adventures. You won’t regret doing hard things. Especially hard things that make you grow as a person. And when bad things happen, as they inevitably do, then you can rise to the occasion instead of being totally blindsided. Sure, you can have too much of a good thing, as I don’t think traveling continuously for years is optimal for happiness. Sometimes you just need something familiar. When you are on an adventure, and you have been sick of adventure for a week, then go home.

Comfort is not happiness. Extended idleness is not living. Pleasure is not happiness. Life is awesome.

To happiness, and beyond!


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