What you do sometimes affects all times.

Whatever you do influences you even when you are doing something else. Your brain cannot help but learn, and whatever you do you will improve at. Staying the same is not possible.

If you are a top athlete in peak physical fitness, you are also fit when you are not actively training. The benefits of exercise are not confined to when you are doing cardio or competing. The oxygen efficiency stays with you when you sleep when you listen to music and when you play with your kids.

If you are an office worker and you sit most of the day then when you are not at work you still walk around with reduced mobility and a shallower breathing pattern.

A musician, when he or she is doing grocery shopping can still access their tonal ability to recognize whether a song playing through the overhead speakers is in 3- or 4-time.

The feeling of hopelessness you get from watching biased, inaccurate and misrepresentative so-called “news” will seep into your relationships and your job. Passing out drunk each weekend will compromise your ability to perform at your best on Monday morning, and throughout the week.

The skills, ability, and damage that happen as a result of your work cannot be compartmentalized and left at the office. Not only on a short timescale, but also in one spanning decades. If you engaged in reckless behaviour as a teenager, the damage to your liver or finger that got bitten off in a bar fight accompanies you today.

Think deeply on what you spend your time. If what you do with it does not make your life better, then directly or indirectly(through opportunity cost),  it is making your life worse.

To happiness, and beyond!



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