Being humble and the beginners mind

All great people are humble. They are still proud, as pride is a virtue, not a vice. But they are not arrogant. Being humble means you acknowledge the fundamental truth that the journey is never complete, that there is always something more to learn, that mastery is a process.

I want to humbly say that I still struggle with this skill. Worse still, most of the time I do not even notice it. So actually this is a reminder to myself. Thanks for that.

The beginners mind

The beginners mind is a concept from Zen Buddism. It means to look at a situation with no preconceptions. This is very valuable, because as we gain competence with a skill we see less and less posibilities. We disregard things that might be valid, by looking past them. That is why it can be very useful to sometimes look at things without any preconceptions. Or at least try.

To happiness, and beyond!


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