Make it easy for yourself

People know of many ways to make doing something harder or easier for themselves. The thing is, most people don’t apply them. People don’t prepare, even though they know it is much easier if you prepare. They put candy, the tv or time-wasting internet sites in highly visible places and within easy reach.

The smart thing to do is to make it as easy for yourself as you possibly can. Why waste energy when you could make it easier to take action? If you know that you are likely to forget something, make notes, set reminders and have someone remind you. Use checklists. Have a big jug of water on near your desk so that you can take a drink without even breaking your flow.

Remove people from your life who nudge you into doing things you rather would avoid: junk food, binge tv watching or doing drugs. Add many people to your life who push you to be better and help you stay on track. Don’t be afraid of asking for support. Use other people’s abilities and personalities to compliment yours. Help them in return with things that they struggle with or that you know how to do. More things get done when people work together than when they work apart.

If you know 2 productivity tips, make sure you use them. If you know 20, make sure you don’t just use the obvious ones, but also those you know mentally and never apply. A lack of knowledge is not the limiting factor. Acting on your knowledge you already have is. If you really have absolutely no clue at all, google is your friend. Ignorance in this age is not an excuse.

Make sure to check out James Clear’s website for very useful tips and tricks on beating procrastination and taking action consistently.

To happiness, and beyond!


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