Small changes, big differences

Most mornings for breakfast my family eats scrambled eggs. After more than a week of eating the same dish every day, it gets really monotonous. This morning we had scrambled eggs again. But the taste was different, more aromatic. There were pieces of green in the egg: some kind of herb. Oh so delicious! With this herb, our scrambled eggs became a wonderful treat. I asked my mother: the herb was pieces of spring onion.

Having a bit of tasty variety changes the whole atmosphere. Instead being boring, the day is started with happiness. We all have experienced how the same events can feel so different depending on our mood. You can change your mood with just one small thing. A bunch of fresh flowers, a spontaneous hug, or a little extra in your eggs. If it happened every day, I’m sure that I would get bored of it soon, and then would just be part of the background in my life. For the moment I savour it. Discontinuous positive reinforcement is a lot more effective than continuous. If you want to make people happy, don’t buy them a present on a predictable schedule, surprise them!

If you want to make yourself happy follow the same strategy: don’t do the same things for relaxation every week: intersperse the well-known with some adventures. This probably won’t happen on its own so plan it out a few months ahead. It can be as simple as eating different food or at a different restaurant or a complicated as a going on a weekend trip to a city you have never been to before.

Shake things up!

To happiness, and beyond!


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