The game of life has ridiculously high resolution.

The human eye sees very low quality compared with that of a camera, but moves around continuously, creating a high definition resultant image. Continuous video the whole day long, except when we blink. If we had to simulate just one room in the detail that humans perceive it we would need processing power and orders of magnitude more coding than currently available. The amount of detail in life is incredible.

They are now starting to simulate cities in games. But with how much detail? Not even a thousandth part of what happens in an actual city can be reproduced in a game. It may look like a city, but does it smell like one?

If life were a game, it would be the most massively online shared world game ever. We even  get to write big parts of the game ourselves! The game is constantly changing. There is a long backstory, enough to spend a lifetime on. There are many, many, many bytes of accumulated wisdom. Centuries of players have gone before us and will go on after us. There is also a practically infinite amount of endings!

There are countless mini-games, quests and skills that we can get better at. Many of the best players get places in halls of fame, and there are many different ways to accumulate credits(money). New updates are constantly released and many players are working hard on extending playtime and have already made significant progress. Even a punctured lung should not stop you if can get medics to heal you before you expire.

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to access memories of one gaming session at a time, and because the experience is so immersive, you can only log off once. Daily hibernation is mandatory and if you go without it for a day or two, the glitches make the system unstable and it shuts down.

There are a few powerups available, but they usually have significant downsides with extended use. Some unbalance your biochemical simulation systems too much to be of much use. If you get the dosage wrong, then it’s game over as well.

The character races don’t have significantly different attributes and are set permanently at the start of the game. Dragons and other monsters might have been available in the early releases, but they didn’t have nice mechanics so were removed and discredited to try and erase them from player’s memories.

The world is free to roam and seriously massive, however, most players are sedentary, nomads finding it hard to earn credits when they move around constantly. Some roam their whole lives, but they mostly don’t have many credits. Some only go on journeys late in their life with accumulated credits and spend their nights at waystations.

Communications have improved dramatically in the last few years, made possible by the increase in metal-brain thinking machines that can be enchanted for many purposes. They are very primitive and you have to spell things out in extensive detail for them to grasp their task. Luckily they almost never forget and don’t eat much, or using them would be an inconvenient affair.

There are magic carpets that are suspended on black bounce material and use noxious fumes to drive. They break and need constant maintenance, but allow your character to move at high speeds. Shelters are well-built and sturdy. They use a lot of credits and with a recent credits-glitch, many people had to move to a smaller shelter.

Some players love griefing and are even willing to end their session, as long they can end a lot of other player’s session as well. Others just send people on boring and unnecessary quests or troll them with voice-comm. Others spread false intel and get players to spend credits on things they don’t need or that lower their health-stats.

About 200 sun-cycles ago there were constant battles and people were a lot more violent. If you like engaging melee fights or battles of conquest and slaughter, you should have logged on then. If you want to do that presently you need to find covert locations and be constantly on the lookout for the residential armistice agreement enforcers. Slaves have also become much more expensive and harder to obtain though I hear that unfortunately still many people are held in captivity by cruel masters.

The number of wordsmiths and bards has increased a lot and there are also a lot of actors and show-makers that ply their craft over the communications-infrastructure. The town-cryers are all out of business, but a rough equivalent has sprung up where they store their voices telling stories or talking to other people and then other commoners listen to them with their enchanted thinking-machines.

The political structure took on a new form also about 200 cycles ago. Monarchs now only hold ceremonial and symbolic power. The aristocracy has lost control and currently leaders are elected from the common people. The middle class is the most numerous and business magnates control a large portion of all credits in circulation. People starting to say that they need to do an upgrade and redesign of the bureaucratic systems too, to take into account all the new enchanted objects that have entered wide use.

I have been privileged to start my game with parents who feed and clothe me. They have ensured that I have never faced starvation. I am truly thankful that I can focus on having an amazing gaming experience and help other people also have more joy in life. I intend on making many improvements to this game-landscape.

This life is the best game I have ever played!

To happiness, and beyond!



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