How I meditated daily for 51 days

These are images of the paper calendars that I printed out and used to track my progress. I used paper because then I would have a constant visual reminder to meditate and it really doesn’t take long to make a mark on a piece of paper, especially if you have a pen nearby.

I was also tracking other things that I was trying to turn into a daily habit. When October began it I forgot to meditate for some reason. I have looked in my records, but I didn’t write down why I didn’t meditate those days. Either way, it broke my chain. Through the whole October, I meditated only intermittently, sometimes building a chain of 7 days before getting knocked off again.

Something I remember is that I had an alarm set for about 5 in the afternoon to stop with my computer for the day and go for a walk. What happened many times is that I ignored my alarm and read on or watched videos until about 7. Then I went on a walk but forgot to meditate. When I set my alarm for 7 it worked a lot better.

My trigger was my alarm.

My action was to meditate.

My reward was intrinsic: in how my mind felt clearer after meditating.

What is your habit you want to start?

To happiness, and beyond!


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