Conquering fear to become highly competitive

In the modern world, almost all fear is unnecessary. The only negative consequences that can result from your actions are a little embarrassment or you might lose your job. If you have applicable qualifications or a successful career this should not hold you down for any substantial amount of time. There are many opportunities for creating massive value, but few without some measure of risk. If you are fearful you will not pursue them and most of life will pass you by.

If you are fearless, or able to act in spite of your fear then you would pursue new opportunities and the massive potential that they contain. Such people are exceptional. The vast majority of people live their whole life hiding away from fears that would disappear or dramatically shrink if they were faced head on.

Fear works very well for physical danger. Being afraid of getting shot or beaten up by thugs is a very sensible strategy. Not associating with violent psychopaths or going to known crime hotspots is smart. Being afraid of words, social rejection or even bankruptcy is not smart. Most cases of fear in the modern world are the latter.

Going bankrupt is not the end of the world. Because of fantastic technology and social systems, food is incredibly cheap. Relative to the amount of work required 200 years ago, just to not starve, you practically do not need to work at all. If you do any job provide any value to society at all, you will not starve. If you are alive, you can get better. It might take you a while to regain the same lifestyle as you had before, but it is pretty much inevitable. If you did it once, you can do it again.

Now you know that most fear is unnecessary, how do you overcome it? A simple metaphor from fitness suffices. Think of your courage as a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you get. If you neglect it, your courage declines. Trying to overcome your greatest fear right away will not work. Doing something that you are not afraid of at all will not build your courage. The best results in increasing your courage are found in situations where you do not know with certainty whether you will succeed. Those situations that are not impossible, but not easy either.

If you want to stand out in any field, become fearless.

To happiness, and beyond!


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