Stop being unhappy

Everyone has their own talent or their own skill. I find it stupid that people feel jealous about one person having better math marks or the one person who can draw much better than other people. You only have to find your niche and then you can sharpen your skills until you can produce works of art or a brilliant new solution to a pernicious problem. Some people have just natural talent in certain areas. Instead of feeling inferior to them and being jealous we can be happy with them when they achieve noteworthy results. We have our own skills and talents, we only have to discover and then develop them to our full potential. We may not have something that we are the best at now, but everybody has something that they are the most competitive in.(The thing that they are best at personally). It is an illusion, naïve to think that everybody has the same amount of talents or advantages in life. Some people are just more beautiful, friendly and talented. Some are smarter or have richer parents. Life is not fair, but we can live justly and not increase the massive injustices that already exist.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. THIS IS WRONG. Money DOES buy happiness, but only up to a point. After about upper middle class money can actually make you unhappy and research suggests that some primitive pleasures do become dulled by money. Not being hungry, for example; when last did you feel bursting with excitement  from not being hungry? If you have an upper-middle-class lifestyle and your basic human needs of sustenance, security, human interaction and adventure are met then you are probably at your maximum happiness from money.

Human baseline happiness differs from individual to individual; it is the average happiness that people feel and stays remarkably constant over time. Most events may change your baseline slightly for a few weeks, but then people usually revert back to it. If you buy a new house, get married or emigrate to a new country, it will all probably only have a temporary effect on your happiness. Even if lose a limb you will probably return to your baseline happiness. Major traumatic events do have the power to permanently alter a person’s baseline,

but humans are extremely adaptable and resilient.

Research also suggests that things mostly do not make us happier, but rather experiences. Rather than buying an object, buying an experience would make you happier over the long term. That people actually want to buy memories and not add an object to their house. That humans quickly adapt to the environment and objects then become insignificant,

while memories keep their gloss or even increase in stature as time goes by.

This ties in nicely with how we experience and remember our life or specific experiences. People sorta remember the average of the experience, combined with the peak. Sometimes this leads to very weird behavior: in experiments where participants had to keep their hand in cold water they were happier to keep their hand in longer if warmer water was streamed in for the last 5 minutes than if they could take their hand out 5 minutes earlier.

These are just a few of the reasons to stop being unhappy. Ultimately it’s a choice: do you choose to be happy, or unhappy?

To happiness, and beyond!



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