Losefatslowly obituary

I have learned a lot from building the website losefatslowly.com:

  • How to register a website
  • How to choose a theme
  • How to add images to blog posts
  • How to make a plain text favicon, twitter profile pic and facebook page
  • Not to mess around with mailgun for a custom email, next time I will just use Gmail for Business.
  • That I don’t need a custom email
  • How to install the Sumome plugin and capture email addresses.
  • That two months working part time is not NEARLY enough to create a website and get the word out if I don’t have an existing following
  • How to create a WhatsApp broadcast list

Next time I build a website, I want to be sure that I can commit to working on it for at least 5 years. For losefatslowly.com, I was only planning on working on it for 3 months, and only actually worked for about 6 weeks. Maybe 6 weeks would have been enough if I worked on it full time. The reason I didn’t work on it full time is that I was not fully committed. I started it as a project to keep me busy while I figured out what I really want to work on.

For the purpose of learning this has been a success. For the purpose of helping other people and getting the website to the point where it has continuous traffic, a dismal failure. Since I do not intend to work on it for the next few years, if ever, that will probably never happen. I thank everybody who supported me on this project and now put it officially to rest.

To happiness, and beyond!


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