Why society despises prostitutes

I know that many of you think that sex workers and sex slaves are synonyms, but just as with the difference between pride and arrogance, they are actually completely separate concepts.

Sex workers are so looked down upon and ostracized, that they make up a significant proportion of people murdered. They are vilified by pole dancers and people who do professional strip teases, despite the fact that they all professionally arouse and sexually tease their customers (predominantly men).

My theory is that the underlying reason is quite simple: sex is the main mechanism for creating and sustaining pair-bonded relationships. Selling it as a service calls into question the authenticity in their personal relationships. If she can fake erotic interest so convincingly “for business”, how do I know that she is not just putting on a show? Does she really love me? ( Why is sexual intercourse the mark of love?)

Mistrust and doubts about people’s authenticity and motives are a common element in business and life in general. In the sex industry, it is particularly prominent as a result of the sacredness in which sexual intercourse is held.

Making consensual sex between adults for commercial reasons illegal is a matter for ethical debate. My personal viewpoint is that prostitution for adults (18+) should be legal and regulated to prevent the spread of STDs, HIV and give these adults access to birth control and counselling should they require it. Making it illegal results in criminals flourishing and turning normal people into outcasts, just like criminalizing drug use feeds a massive industry of criminals.

To happiness, and beyond!


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